Building a Harmonized Community of Purpose in Squamish

Squamish EcoVille Ltd. is committed to building a harmonized community of purpose in Squamish, BC. Carbon neutrality, missing middle housing and affordability are at the forefront of our vision. 

In addition to the above, neighbourhood amenities like public access areas, open common spaces and shared clean energy infrastructure feature prominently in our design.

Our vision is to design homes with small footprints and high occupancy, where paving is reduced up to 50 percent and landscapes are more flexible. Our designs are future proof. We are creating the future of how communities are built. 

Our 7 Pillars

Meet the Team

Our team has depth and experience in the following areas: clean technology, passive homes, the sea to sky corridor, modern and future proof architectural design, planning, construction, investment marketing and community development.

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Our plan and vision for Squamish EcoVille Ltd. includes both owner-occupied units and rental units. We know that rental units are needed in Squamish, in addition to the fact that research shows having mixed owner-occupied and rental units helps a community to thrive.

For the first phase of our development, eight townhome units, we have the zoning in place and building applications underway.

We just had the second reading with Squamish Council for the later, higher density portion of our project. And we anticipate a positive outcome.

Squamish EcoVille Ltd. is committed to developing what is known as the “missing middle” for housing, which means that we are not offering traditional single-family homes. In addition to being out of reach for many people, they also tend to have a large environmental footprint and be isolated from amenities and require driving. Instead, we offer a mixture of: duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, apartments and cottage court style housing. Some of these spaces are flexible live/workspaces, as we know that commercial spaces are also required.

We are planning to begin phase one of our development in the spring of 2021, and the construction timeline is expected to be about 14 months. Therefore, we anticipate that our first properties will be available mid-2022.  

As it currently stands, our development is 5 phases. Some of these phases will overlap. We will be offering a variety of housing types.

We are scheduled to start Phase 1 in the spring of 2021.

Our vision is the build a harmonized community of purpose in Squamish, and we are committed to our 7 pillars:

  1. Carbon Neutral Community
  2. Affordability
  3. Walkable Community
  4. Live & Work Community
  5. Livability
  6. Smart Community
  7. Shared Economy

The CMHC defines what affordability is in Canada. Affordability is 30 percent of the median income of the area. Squamish’s median income, according to the 2016 Census, was $89,012. Therefore, affordable rent in Squamish would be $26,703.60 per year or $2,225 per month.

A carbon neutral community is one that is either offsetting its carbon footprint via initiatives like solar and wind energy or one that has close to zero carbon footprint.  [Insert link to blog here]

Our team has the work experience in cleantech, passive homes, carbon neutrality, green architecture and community planning to make our vision possible. We are interested in doing something truly unique and ground-breaking, moving towards the future of housing development for Squamish and for BC. [insert links to bios of the team]


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