7 Pillars

7 Pillars

Carbon Neutral Community

Carbon neutral communities are starting to emerge across the globe and make meaningful change to the way we live and the impact that we have on the planet. At Squamish EcoVille Ltd. we are part of the future of community building and development. Creating a sense of community where the primary focus is the people who live within it, as well as the environment.

From conception through to completion we are aware of the way that we impact the environment and do our best to minimize and offset. All of our pillars lead from this first pillar. Our project is the first of its kind in Squamish and in the Sea to Sky corridor. 

7 Pillars


Affordability is defined by our government to help ensure there is adequate and appropriate housing available. We want to do our part to provide affordable rental units, for two reasons. To ensure that the people from Squamish can afford a place to live, but also because we know from our experience and precedent that projects that offer a mix of rentals and owner-occupied units offer the best social cohesion. Communities thrive when they offer owner-occupied units, as well as rentals both at market rate and affordable rates. And that is what we want to do, we want to help communities thrive.

7 Pillars

Walkable Community

Our first two pillars feed seamlessly into our third, a “Walkable Community.” With our purpose built and future proof design our community will offer those who live there with amenities such as: a corner store, coffee shop and bakery. This will allow residents to walk to get the things they may run out of on a daily basis, reducing the need for cars and creating more connection within the community itself.

In addition, we will be offering shared transportation systems that residents can join in order to reduce their carbon footprint like electric cars and ebikes. We will also connect the paths that run through our community to the renown hiking trails of Squamish ensuring our residents have the best access to the best hiking trails.

7 Pillars

Live and Work Community

Now more than ever people want to be able to work and live in the same space, our future proof designs have taken this into consideration. Our main floor units offer access from the outside, which facilitate the mixed use of the spaces. Residents will not only be able to work from home, they will also be able to run their businesses, whether it be a physio or lawyer seeing clients. We have thought of the details. Communities, like ours that offer mixed use spaces and small business tend to do better and be more vibrant than those communities that lack presence of small businesses.

7 Pillars


With community at the centre of our development and offering mixed use spaces, as well as mixed building types from duplexes to fourplexes, as well as higher density, we want to ensure that our residents still feel like they have their privacy, as well as feeling connected to the beautiful town of Squamish.

7 Pillars

Smart Community

We are at the forefront of development with a focus on community and the environment. Our sixth pillar offers our residents the state of the art feeling that they want from their home. A home that is modern and is keeping up with the trends of the market.

7 Pillars

Shared Economy

We touched on our seventh pillar in pillar three “Walkable Community.” A shared economy is the way of the future when it comes to reducing our individual carbon footprint. Through sharing vehicles and other toys for exploring nature we are decreasing our impact on the environment. Not to mention the convenience of not having to buy and store your own RV. We want the residents of our community to have all the amenities they need right at their finger tips.


For more information on becoming part of the Squamish EcoVille Ltd. vision go here. Or send us an email.

We will be launching an equity crowdfunding campaign February 2021.

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